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Canon Slade School

Canon Slade School As a Church of England School, we seek to provide
an excellent education within a Christian environment
to fulfil individual potential and to prepare pupils
for life and service in a rapidly changing world. Ora et Labora
Pray and Work

School Admissions Guidance


The Governors’ policy is to give priority to children from committed Christian families. The number of intended admissions each year to Year 7 is 300. All pupils are admitted without reference to ability or aptitude except in the case of applicants to the sixth form to take Level 3 courses.

The School was over-subscribed for admission in September 2023. The ‘cut-off’ point score was 146, this was out of a maximum total of 408 in 2022.

Following Church closures as a result of the pandemic, church attendance recommenced being collected from 7th November 2021.

Full details can be found on the Canon Slade Application form for 2024 and the Admissions policy in the links at the bottom of this page.

In the event of any queries regarding the admissions process, including the availability of places in Years 8-11, please email

Year 7 Admission Details

Your preference for Canon Slade must be indicated on the Local Authority Admission on line application - Click Here to go to the Local Authority website to apply online.

If you are putting Canon Slade as one of your preferences, you are strongly advised to complete the School Supplementary Application form, in addition to the Local Authority application.  This is to allow your application to be correctly ranked in a situation were more preferences are received than places available.  We would advise the School Supplementary Application form is not completed before September 2023, in order to ensure full and accurate recording of any church attendance in section B of the form.

The School Supplementary Application form referred to above can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of this page.

It is the parents’ responsibility, when all sections have been completed, to send the form and any accompanying verifications to:

The Headteacher,
Canon Slade School, Bradshaw Brow,

Alternatively, applications may be handed in to the main school reception.

Please note emailed/scanned applications are not accepted.

All applications will be acknowledged by email within a week of receipt

The application window closes on Monday 6 November 2023.  All applications received after that date will be classed as late and dealt with after offer day, which is 1st March 2024.

Help completing the Supplementary Application Form

Please refer to the 'Top Tips' link at the bottom of this page for help on how to complete the School Supplementary Application form.

If you wish to check whether you live within the Bolton Deanery, please follow the link below.  This will take you to the Church of England 'Church Near You' website. Enter your postcode and it will tell you which parish you live in.  It is important that you understand Parish areas are not the same as postcode and geographical areas.


If the parish you live in is listed below, then you can answer YES to question C1 on the School Supplementary Application form.

Parish Name - Parish church name 

                          (Other churches in the same Parish)  

Astley Bridge – St Paul 

                            (Oldhams Church) 

Belmont – St Peter 

Blackrod – St Katharine 

Bolton - Parish Church, St Peter Bolton-le-Moors 

Bolton – St Bede 

Bolton – St Philip 

Bradshaw – St Maxentius 

Breightmet – St James 

Clifton & Clifton Green – St Anne with St Thomas 

Deane – St Mary the Virgin 

  (St Andrew, Over Hulton)             

Farnworth & Kearsley – St John the Evangelist 

Halliwell – St Margaret 

Halliwell – St Peter's 

                   (Barrow Bridge Mission) 

                   (Smithills Chapel Fellowship) 

                   (St Andrews, Johnson Fold) 

Harwood - Christ's Church 

Heaton - Christ Church 

Horwich - Holy Trinity 

Horwich – St Catherine 

Horwich – St Elizabeth 

Kearsley Moor – St Stephen 

Lever Bridge – St Stephen and All Martyrs 

Little Lever – St Matthews 

Lostock – St Thomas and St John 

Rivington - Parish Church 

New Bury, Great Lever - Seven Saints 

                                     (St George with St James) 

                                     (St Catherine) 

                                     (St Simon & St Jude) 

                                     (St Michael with St Bartholomew) 


       (St Saviour, Ringley) 

       (Holy Trinity, Prestolee) 

Tonge Fold – St Chad’s 

Tonge Moor – St Augustine 

                          (St Aiden) 

Turton – St Anne 

                (St James, Edgworth) 

Walmsley - Christ Church 

                    (St Andrew’s, Bromley Cross) 

West Bolton 

          (St George The Martyr, Daubhill) 

          (St Luke, Halliwell) 

          (St Paul, Halliwell) 

          (St Paul with Emmanuel) 

          (St Thomas the Apostle) 

Westhoughton – St Bartholomew 

                               (St Thomas, Chequerbent) 

                               (St George, The Hoskers) 

Westhoughton, Daisy Hill – St James 

Wingates – St John the Evangelist 

Those joining Canon Slade in September 2024 will attend a transition day on either Wednesday 4th or Thursday 5th of July 2024. Invitations are sent out Mid June for these events.

In Year Admissions

If a child is already at secondary school and you wish to transfer to Canon Slade Church of England school you must first make a Bolton Local Authority application via the 'Citizen Portal'.

The Local Authority will then contact Canon Slade to ascertain if there are any places available in the appropriate year group. Once the application has been processed and a decision reached (10 – 15 school days), you will receive an email informing you that your child’s school place details are available in the Citizen Portal.  To view the offer information, you will need to log into the Citizen Portal. 

Guidance on the Local Authority application process and a link to the 'Citizen Portal' can be found on the Bolton Council 'Moving During the School Year' webpage. 

If a place is available, in accordance with the Bolton Local Authority Co-ordinated School Admission procedures, the school will consider the application. If there are more applications than places available, then the school will follow its admission procedures and request completion of the school’s Supplementary Application form for the relevant intake year and apply the published oversubscription admissions criteria to award the place.  If a place is not offered by the school then the applicant is placed on the waiting list for that year group until either a place can be offered or the end of the academic year when all applications will expire.

Full details can be found in the Admissions Policy via the link below

Pupil and Student Services at the Local Authority can be contacted via email

Right of appeal

Any applicant refused a place at a school of their choice has a right of appeal to an independent appeal panel for a place at their preferred school.

If a preferred place is refused, appeal forms and guidance on the appeals process are available on the Local Authority Bolton Council School Admission Appeals webpage. Alternatively, a request for an appeal application form can be made by contacting the Clerk to the School Admission Appeals Panel at the Local Authority via

 An appeal date will be arranged within 40 school days of your appeal being lodged, and you will be requested to attend an appeal hearing.

An appeals panel, comprising three independent members, will consider your reasons for the appeal and will decide whether the child can attend the school of your choice.  The panel members have a background in education and are independent of us.

 A full explanation of the appeal process will be included in the notification letter sent to you.

Key admissions documents